Rice Bowl with CoverThis is one of our proud to present collections. It is made from secret material to be a stylish & unique product with a little bit of antique detail, made this collection worth holding. The product is food grade and microwave, oven & washing machine safe.

Items Detail

Round Bowl $5

Free Form Bowl $8

Free Form Plate $10

Oreo Cup $7

Free Form Mug $7

Free Form Espresso Set $7

Free Form Coffee Set $8

Deep Square Plate $12

Flat Sushi Plate $7

Tea Set $33

Free Form Square Sauce Dish $5

Oval Free Form Plate $22

Rice Bowl with Cover $22

Round Sauce Dish $2.5

Aladin Pot $8

Tube Tea Pot $15

Saucer $3.5

Salt & Pepper $7

Small Pot $8

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